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Viks II by Snaga-uruki
Viks II
Even the bone grinded knife for food cutting proved that besides few armor pieces, weapon and his
stick Viks didn´t have much belongings left. But even thou this unobtrusive visitor could attire 

attention. It happened during the fights in the ashes of the pyre into which he joined as well.
He was fairly good and conquered even Loqok of Snaga clan. Loqok was talking himself out 
By saying that his bad shaped was caused by the inconsiderable amount of black moonshine
which he drunk the night before but Viks´ victory couldn´t be denied.
Viks I by Snaga-uruki
Viks I
Besides famous names and known faces many more were coming for the burial who heard about the of the shaman. And so either to pay his respect or from a fear of being cursed they all came to see him off on his way. One of those was pilgrim called Viks. Young uruk in a long coat covered in dust of his ways. His clothes and his armor were stark. He was pulling along with him only few pieces of armor, a weapon and a stick with wild boar´s skull. Because I got interested by him I asked Maalfok to which clan does he belong? Maalfok didn´t know and so he went and asked him. When he came back he said that Viks belonged to clan Vorbait Ilid and because this clan has perished long ago he is wandering alone.
Mozog by Snaga-uruki
Zoltaire`s companion was Mozog, the taleteller, strings instruments player and the dushatar of Wolfguard. He had calmer manners than Zoltar. He was friendly to another Uruki and they liked to listen to his stories. There was no doubt he was a skilled warrior. Taming of big mounted wolves was nothing easy, as was believed, and the rider was often eaten by his own beast. Mozog wasn`t finished with the fight either. Aas Zoltar, he joined the same sark* under leadership od Loqok.
*type of combat troops
Zoltar by Snaga-uruki
Zoltar was huge ushatar dressed fully in thick leather armor. His face was weather-beaten bruised with many battles. He was wild same as the wolf he rode and his eyes had different colors. Maalfok said he used to often fight side by side with Snaga, mainly under the command of Loqok. They say that during his warrior career he
suffered countless injuries and broke nearly every bone in his body. But none of these stopped him he always got miracoulously healed and raised his weapon into another battle. Zoltar spent long moments over a black moonshine with Loqok and many other 
leaders joined him as well. Slowly I was realizing that this reunion of clans was not happening only because of the burial but clan after clan new army was being established.
Ujakrogtar by Snaga-uruki
The story of Ujakrogtar clan was presented to me by Maalfok right after an incident when 2 orks on two huge equestrian wolfs bursted wildly right into the middle of the camp. He said that Ujakrogtar menas something like the wolf´s guard and it used to be very numerous clan which used to run along the great plains and lived as the other clans – from wars and caravans ‘robberies. This clan used to have many warriors but nobody haven´t heard of them for so long. It was a common assumption that they were scattered one by one to all of the sides of the world by the wind of the plains and thus it was considerable surprise the arrival of those two. Zoltar and Mozog, these were their names, came not only because of honoring the memory of the deceased but also for other businesses.

Not everything that the tribe need, can be obtained by hunting or plundering, some goals are more abstract. Such needs can be fulfilled by uruki spirits that are called Frumi. Tribe Snaga sometimes needs to perform ritual - Kaushatar in uruki tongue to achieve various goals. Most common are to grant victory in upcoming battle, to foresee the future, plead for bigger plunder in raid or bigger game in hunt. Kaushatar can be used to curse the woes or to protect the tribe, there are as many rituals as there are wishes and no result is certain.

Kaushatar that you are about to witness was conducted as follows. Long before it began the tribe started to make preparations, each decorated in his own way to look as splendid and terrifying as possible. The costumes consisted of leather and cloth masks, jewellery of bone and feathers, headbands, arm bracelets. On exposed parts of their bodies magical symbols and glyphs were painted with charcoal and colourful clays. Meanwhile the venom-brewer Bagathrular and shaman Dushatar are preparing the magical potion in copper pot, later during the ritual, the potion is heated on fire and sometimes it’s set on fire too, because it’s made from strong brandy, and when poured into the fire as an offering to Frumi it burns violently with blue flames. Before the dawn everything is ready, uruki collect their drums, rattles, and other instuments and by the light of single torch the wander to the site of the ritual.

The centre of the ritual is great pile of wood for bonfire and around which circle of fur is spread out for sitting. Outer circle is made of various totems depicting Frumi. After the bonfire is started and uruki are seated, the pot with magical potion is heated and first slow rhythms of instruments start to sound. Sometimes the music fades as the pot goes from hand to hand and more they drink, the more wilder the music gets and more often various incomprehensible throat incantations can be heard. Gradually everyone gets carried away by the rhythm, fall into the trance, their movements gets faster and faster and start to swirl in wild dance. Uruki seem to merge with the flames burning so violently as if it even didn’t need the wood. Dancing bodies swirl frantically taking frightening and horrific forms until the reality of the unfolding scene can be hardly believed.  Their own wild spirits seems to grow into unnatural sizes much larger their physical bodies. The roar, the music and the dance suddenly changes rhythm culminating into the cacophony just before everything stops in burst of blue flames and drown in silent glowing of the fire. After the fire loses its power and flames fade uruki bodies are lying on the ground with their spirits caught in realm of dreams. After a good while when the fire extinguishers completely they rise heavily and slowly return to camp, muttering:

Guri ti ash bajrak. Guri ti Snaga.

Ubo udalgatat ashti. Ubo gimbatat ogh. Ubo gimbatat mokh.

Ubo gimbatat bajrak, lati ur globi tul.


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Czech Republic
Snaga: One tribe Snaga: One tribe is a multi-genre story in which the world of creatures known to the humans as orcs comes to life. In their language, they call themselves Uruki and what you know about them so far is only a fraction of what is happening in their world. With our story you can look deeper into the life of Uruki tribe called Snaga. Its members will guide you through common life situations, closer to you their customs, rules and rituals of the tribe as if you were part of it. So if you like fantasy and you would like to take a look into the naturalistic side of that world, if you prefer the reality of the experience rather than of safety imagination, then it is One Tribe what you are looking for. One Tribe project consists of photographic works, authentic music and digital art. These three elements are freely combined to create view of the One Tribe universe, which is presented to the outside world. The entire project will be concluded by an exhibition in the second half of 2016. News will emerge one by one on this website, as we finish different parts of the project work. There are also several additional texts about the people who prepare the entire project.

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